Practice Schedule
All club practices and games have been suspended.


Yes, we play in rugby in the rain - games are cancelled if the field conditions fail us, not because it's raining. We will still hold practice If it has rained (or if it begins raining during practice) UNLESS the park or school closes the field to us. Please stay alert on those days for messages from the club and coaches. Please routinely check your spam folders because sometimes our emails will show up there.

Our divisions: U8 Co-ed Flag, U10 & U12 Co-ed (contact), and U14 Boys (contact). Player placement is based on player's age on August 31st. 

Visit our 'Teams' page for fees and additional details. 

Does Your Child Play Youth Football?


What if your child could play a sport that not only kept them in shape for football, but made them better football players? That sport would be rugby.

Playing a tackle sport without pads forces players to use good tackling and driving techniques. Football pads/helmets can be used as weapons - rugby players have no such luxury. 

What are we talking about? Visit our 'Play Football?' page to find out!

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U8 Co-ed Touch Rugby

U8 Co-ed touch rugby, boys and girls ages 6-7. Rising Eagles Youth Rugby, San Fernando Valley US