The Club’s History

                Rising Eagles Youth Sports Club (RE) is a fast growing rugby club here in the San Fernando Valley, located just north of downtown Los Angeles, California. Rugby was established in 1830 when William Webb Ellis a student in a school called “Rugby” was playing soccer and with a kind disregard for the rules of soccer he picked the ball up and ran to the opposing goal. RE competes in the Southern California Youth Rugby organization, part of the USA Rugby Union. 

            The club currently composed of 70 to 90 active CIPP players. The team demographics cut across the Valley. They include Elementary, Middle and High School Boys and Girls.If you have the experience to play top-level rugby, or you’re a novice who just wants to be introduced to the game, Rising Eagles Rugby is the team for you! Please click the “Contact Us” link in the upper Right corner of this Site, and welcome to the world of Valley Youth Rugby! 

            After a rejuvenating season with Santa Clarita Youth Rugby, the Rising Eagles Youth Sports Club was founded by Margaret and Mark Wilson in 2011 because they saw the need for Rugby in the North Valley.   In the first year (preseason) the word got out and parent volunteers started to help like: Patrick McCarty, Billy Jacobson, and Freddy Garcia. 

            In 2012 JP Sine (President) and Mark Wilson (Head Coach) started CSUN Men’s rugby. Following in the footsteps of CSUN women’s rugby (First and Second year they made Nationals) Gillian Chance (President) and Vince Smith (Head Coach). 

            In 2013 Mark Wilson moved on to start the “Gold Coast Conference Intercollegiate Rugby” (GCCIR) with teams like DI, USC, CSUF, CSUL, USD, SBCC, Claremont and UCSD. DII, FCC, UCR and UCI DII, APU, LMU, OXY, PLU, Whittier, Westmont, CSUN, Cal Lutheran, Biola and Pepperdine. 

            After two successful years of growing in leaps and bounds, It became apparent that more coaches and referees are needed. So, after a number of meeting’s in the Valley with all rugby enthusiast and clubs, a decision was made to pool resources with “Rising Eagles Youth Sports Club“, “San Fernando Valley Rugby” Men and “San Fernando Youth Rugby“. 

            Make no mistake, in just a few short years rugby has grown in the Valley from about  70 active players to over 300 active players that’s about a 233% increase in just a few short seasons .


Just wait for the next chapter.

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